These days, people can search for properties across multiple estate and lettings agents using search facilities provided by the likes of Property Finder, Right Move and Zoopla. They no longer have to trudge from one agent to another in order to find that perfect property. These more streamlined search facilities are great for property hunters, because they can hop from one property to the next without committing to stay on any particular agentís website. But what is in it for you? Yo... read more

By anticipating and catering for the needs of your target market, you are telling them that you care about their home-buying / renting experience, you are a professional in your field, and that they donít need to go elsewhere. Once someone has to leave your website in order to get additional information, they might never come back. These are some of the basic tools that every estate / lettings agentís website needs: Mortgage Calculator Buying a house is not the same as buying... read more

If you type variations of Ďhouse buyers adviceí into a search engine, the results are lists of third party websites such as advisory bodies, property search engines and mortgage advisors. You have to click along a few pages before estate / lettings agentís websites appear in the search results. The power of being a one-stop-shop cannot be underestimated. If you can get browsers to stay on your website, your chances of getting them from browsing to buying are greatly increased.. N... read more

There used to be loads of programmes on television about home improvements. One of them was about people doing up their homes to improve their chances of selling. Landlords also need similar advice when it comes to increasing their chances of renting, or perhaps being able to attract a better class of renter. What are the other concerns or questions that landlords have asked you in the past? Writing from first hand experience is always a very good way to get people to engage more with your... read more