Do I actually need a site when I can use portals like Zoopla and Propertyfinder?... Well you absolutely do!

These days, people can search for properties across multiple estate and lettings agents using search facilities provided by the likes of Property Finder, Right Move and Zoopla. They no longer have to trudge from one agent to another in order to find that perfect property. These more streamlined search facilities are great for property hunters, because they can hop from one property to the next without committing to stay on any particular agent’s website. But what is in it for you?

You probably think it does not matter too much what your websites is like, because the main thing is that you are connected to the big property search websites, which will drive traffic your way. However, the assumption that ‘the property will sell itself’ will not cut it anymore.

Yes, the way people can search for properties is quicker now, but that also means that you have got to do a lot more to keep them on your website, primarily to arrange a viewing.

How can you get them from browsing to buying?
Every house-hunter has different priorities, and they must often weigh these different considerations against each other. Essentially, they may be more willing to compromise on certain aspects of the property in favour of other benefits.

A house is not just a house
Every property exists in a community. It must be marketed accordingly. Yes people can do their own research about each area, but they tend to do that once they have found the properties they are interested in. At that point, they will either talk themselves in to or out of buying / renting a property. However, if you sell the area to them alongside each property, the potential buyer will see the bigger picture and start to calculate the pros and cons from the start.

For example:

Buyers with children will want to know which schools are in the area.
Buyers that rely on public transport will want to know where the nearest bus stops are, the bus routes, and where the train stations are.
All buyers will want to know where the nearest supermarkets, doctors’ surgeries and dental practices are.
It’s good to mention if there is anything special / noteworthy about the area.
Those are pieces of information that can easily be obtained, summarised and displayed on your website for each property / area.

Other useful tools / functions you should seriously consider incorporating on your website are:

Mortgage Calculator
Register for Property Alerts
Request a Viewing
Kill two birds with one stone
By engaging more with potential buyers and providing them with more of a service, you will also be giving better value for money to the sellers. As we mentioned earlier, if the property can sell itself, why does the seller need you?

By undertaking to actively sell the properties on your books, the sellers will not feel like they are handing over a percentage of their sale for nothing, you will be more likely to get referrals, and your business will become more successful.

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