Buyers need to know a bit more than a list of properties you have, let them also see you as an expert in selling properties.

If you type variations of Ďhouse buyers adviceí into a search engine, the results are lists of third party websites such as advisory bodies, property search engines and mortgage advisors. You have to click along a few pages before estate / lettings agentís websites appear in the search results.

The power of being a one-stop-shop cannot be underestimated. If you can get browsers to stay on your website, your chances of getting them from browsing to buying are greatly increased..

Now, Rome wasnít built in a day, so you donít have to get bogged down with writing hundreds of articles / blog posts giving all the advice under the sun in one go. Just put aside a bit of time here and there to work on some quality content.

Think about your potential customers first and foremost. What questions do buyers typically ask? What are their concerns? The same can be said for renters. What tips and advice do they need? If you show that you understand their experiences, you will gain greater credibility and show your professionalism.

You wonít be ranked highly on search engines for your advice overnight, so donít set that as your initial goal. Just keep building your content and watch your page views grow.

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