The all in one solution

In-sourcing is the new out-sourcing. Bring your business back in house and become a one-stop-shop for your potential clients. Make your website stand out from the crowd with our all-in-one solution.

Property Manager

Easily upload properties to your website. Give your potential customers a reason to come to your website and stay there. Customers browsing the cross-agency databases are always just one click away from your competitors, but by displaying them on your own website, customers need not look elsewhere. By managing your properties using your own database, you will always be up to date and in control. Using the big property search engines to promote your properties should be used as an extension of your website, not a replacement.

Advanced Search

Allow potential customers to browse your property portfolio with ease. The ‘Advanced Search’ function, links to your property database in order to generate quick and efficient search results. Using the ‘Secure Admin’ area, you can control which properties are visible to potential clients or hidden.

Secure Admin

Log in to the admin area with a user name and a password to control the content of your website. You decide who else has access to your database, and you decide who you authorise to amend or upload content. Manually generate user names and passwords for the chosen members of your team.

Custom CMS Pages

CMS stands for Content Management System. These pages are custom made for your website. They allow you to upload, amend and delete content, properties, photos, videos, documents, blog posts and more to the relevant sections of your website.

Company Blog

This is where you can really let your expertise shine. By writing regular industry specific articles and blog posts for buyers, renters and landlords, you create a better customer experience for those visiting your website, and enhance your professional image. This can be linked to your social / professional network profiles.

Property Alerts & Extras

Keep your edge over the competition with our essential features, including property alerts, mortgage calculator and request a viewing button. They not only give customers the useful tools they need when buying a house, they also keep customers on your website! The more essential functions you keep in house, the less reason the customer has to go elsewhere!

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